Jean Feydy's home page


After a PhD under the direction of Alain Trouvé at the ENS Paris-Saclay, I am currently doing a PostDoc at Imperial College London in the team of Michael Bronstein. Starting from January 2022, I will join the new HeKA INRIA team in Paris as a Chargé de Recherche (permanent research position). Here is a short CV.

I am primarily interested in geometry - from computer graphics to Riemannian manifold embeddings. My main research interests are:

  • Computational anatomy: shape analysis for medical imaging and biology.
  • Optimal transport theory: generalized sorting algorithms in dimension D > 1.
  • Geometric data analysis: graph- and measure-theoretic methods to study large datasets.

July 2020: Geometric data analyis, beyond convolutions

I defended my PhD thesis on July 2nd, 2020: a related video recording is available here. My thesis is the most comprehensive reference on my work: it is written as an introductory textbook for data sciences and shape analysis, from a geometric perspective. If you just saw one of my talks on symbolic matrices, geometric learning and large-scale optimal transport, here is what you are looking for: KeOps library, GeomLoss package, Slides for the defense, PhD thesis.



My wife Anna is doing inspiring work on 3D shape textures. Check it out!


I played the flute for 11 years at the Conservatoire Paul Dukas, in Paris. I especially enjoy playing baroque music: J.S. & C.P.E. Bach, J.J. Quantz, G.P. Telemann... In june 2014, I gratuated from the Conservatoire, obtaining a "Certificat de Fin d'Études Musicales" diploma. Here is my leaflet programme, in French: Mathematics in Music.

My other interests include ancient history, Chinese culture and pedagogy. Here are some books that I would strongly recommend: